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Why A UKAS certified company ?
UKAS accreditation is all about traceability, knowing all equipment is calibrated properly and strict working guidelines adhered to.

How long does a test run?
Spray bar - 30 minutes and then 30 min drain down
Hose test - 5 minutes per 1.5m ( linear) of testing and then a 30 min drain down.

What is a water test ?
Water Testing consists of spraying water at the building facade in a controlled manner and inspecting from inside for leaks.
Hose test for closed jointed systems (curtain walling) and Spray bar for opening joints (doors, windows and vents).

Test Area ?
5% of windows, doors and curtain walling should be tested.

Procedure of Hose Test
Timing of a hose test, for each 1.5 linear meters of testing the test will take 5 minutes.
once testing is complete a 30 minute drain down time to inspect for leaks.
Testing from the lowest point across the transom followed by each mullion one at a time to intersecting transom. The process is repeated over a set test area.

An adequate water supply is needed to keep the bowser topped up. The hose test uses 22L per minute of water.
LFT uses a 350L bowser and pump to generate the correct flow and pressure for testing.

A UKAS hose test is conducted using a calibrated gauge and nozzle, This will produce a spray pattern and pressure which is different from simply using a hose pipe. 

Procedure of Spray bar Test
The spray bar is set up at the head of an opening joint. water is sprayed in a mist pattern over the facade. This test will run for 30minutes followed by a 30 min drain down time to inspect for leaks. Multiple nozzles are spaced at regular intervals across the spray bar, our spray bars have taps to each nozzle to set the test area. the test can be set and once completed moved along the facade to complete more tests

We carry spray bars at lengths between 1m and 2m as standard.

with notice bars up to 4m can be taken to site.

A 2m spray bar will empty the tank in 35 minutes so water pressure on site is not as critical as a full test can be run from one bowser.

Combined Testing
To Test an opening vent or door in curtain walling firstly, the opening joints would be taped to provide a seal and hose testing to the perimeter. once completed a 30 minute drain down time to inspect for leaks. Then the tape over joints removed and spray bar set up a the head and run for 30 min, a further 30 minutes drain down to check for leaks. if no leak is detected than a pass is issued.

CWCT Hose Test
CWCT Standards for systemised building envelopes and test methods for building envelopes, December 2006 - Section 9 Water penetration Hose Test and section 10 water penetration Spray Bar.