Pre-Site Requirements

Standards of Testing:
CWCT Standards for Systemised Building Envelops and Test Methods for Building Envelopes, December 2006.
Section 9, Section 10, BS EN 13051:2001, AAMA 501.2-15, NHBC Standards 2018 Chapter 6.9 S17 and NHBC Standards 2018 Chapter 6.9 S18.

The following online form must be completed in full.
Marked up elevation drawings will need to be submitted to:

Following completion accompanying documents should be sent to:

Note: Reports will be issued in a simplified format certificate. Unless otherwise requested.
Any information listed in BS EN ISO 17025:2017, 7.8 Reporting of results will be readily available and full format certificate can be provided at extra cost.

Technical Data for the system being tested is to be provided.
Where a re-test is being conducted, details of any remedial works must be specified and recorded with testers before tests commence.

All certificates of tests will be issued once payment has cleared.
Certificates will be ready to issue 5 days after testing has been completed.
An expedited service is available at extra cost.


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Check boxes for tests required.
Is an online induction required *
*A fee of £55ph will apply per person for off site inductions. This fee is to cover the operatives out of hours work time.
Preferred test date *
Preferred test date
conformation of test dates will be provided after submission.
Access *
Site power *
Water *
For a Pass result, internal reveals need to be open for inspection. If internal reveals are not able to be removed, a no water observed will be issued (NWO). LFT are not able to remove reveals, this has to be done by the client.
Location of site parking. Please note LFT operatives will need to access loading area to unload/load equipment.

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